A Break, and a Look Ahead…

Dear Readers:

Yesterday’s devotional marked the completion of the “Spiritual Self-Defense” series, and I feel that it also serves as a good breaking-off point for the full-length devotions (for a while).  God has graciously called me to serve at Mayer Lutheran High School as English teacher this coming school year, and my ministry there compels me to devote much of my time in the next few weeks and months to preparing lessons and developing classes.  I will still try to post full-length devotions occasionally (perhaps once a week – on the weekends…?), but otherwise my posts in the coming months will probably consist mainly of key verses and short thoughts on how God is equipping the Church today to fight against the evils that continue to press in upon us.

I thank you for your kindness in giving me your time for these past many days.  I pray that God would continue to guide and equip us all through His Word as we daily venture down new paths and face difficult challenges and incredible opportunities.  I thank Him for the opportunity to serve at Mayer Lutheran and share the Word of God with another generation of warriors of the faith!

His servant and yours,


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