The Belt of Truth

“Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist…” (Ephesians 6:14)

I know what you’re thinking; what good is a belt compared to breastplates and helmets?  I mean, we’re up against roaring lions and fiery darts and stuff, and the first thing God hands us is a belt?  Well, our Heavenly Commander has been equipping warriors for thousands of years; guys like Joshua, King David, and the apostle Paul – and I hear they didn’t do too badly.  So let’s consider how this “belt of truth” just might save our lives in a combat situation.

First of all, we’re not talking some wimpy leather strap here.  God’s truth is a heavy-duty WWF championship style belt that covers and protects every inch of our core.  Jesus calls Himself “the Truth,” and it is His teaching and redemptive work that stands as our first line of defense against the lies of the Devil and the attacks of this fallen world.  When Satan nails us with a shot straight to the gut, accusing us of all the terrible, sinful behavior that we’ve committed today, yesterday, and throughout our lives, we have the truth of Jesus’ Gospel to repel the attack and prevent us from being cut in half.  When the world takes aim at the core of our being, His promise that we are saved by grace alone through faith protects us.

Secondly, spiritual combat can lead to some intense situations.  When fighting against the darkness of this world, God’s warriors can’t afford to have their pants falling down around their ankles because of lies they have told or truths that they have withheld.  At best, it can be an embarrassment to you personally and to the Commander in whose name you are fighting.  At worst, it could leave you vulnerable to a fatal strike from the enemy as you try to recover from your own lack of discretion.  Keep the belt of truth securely cinched and buckled to avoid such mishaps.

Finally, this belt is what holds it all together.  The rest of your armor will be loose and clumsy without it, affording you only moderate protection at best.  In a world of postmodern relativism, God’s warriors need to use the protective equipment He provides them with to its full potential.  Truth is what separates the clanking, bumbling buffoons from the elite swordsmen who exhibit the kind of dexterity necessary to fend off foes on every side.  God’s Word is truth, and without this truth we make a mockery of the very things we claim to be fighting for.

So buckle up, troops; the belt of truth is more than just a fashion accessory.  It is a vital part of your spiritual armor and a secure resting place for your only weapon – the sword of the Spirit.  Without it, we go from being soldiers of truth to mere hypocrites and liars; and the father of lies is always looking for fresh recruits.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, we thank and praise You for the beauty of Your Gospel truth in Christ Jesus.  Help us to always look first unto His victory for protection and deliverance from the Devil’s lies.  Grant that we may faithfully abide in the truth of Your Word through all of life’s challenges and difficulties, through Jesus Christ, Your Son.  Amen.

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